Shannon Moore is from a small town in North Carolina. Because the town is so small, it has the same zip code as High Point, the furniture capital of the world. She now lives in New York City and she has a twin sister who is far from the entertainment industry. Who said twins had to be alike?

Shannon started dancing, her ultimate love, at the age of 6. Her dance training led her to a debut on television with ABC and soon after with ESPN. Dancing linked to a desire for stage and theatre. When she started theatre performing, she always had to be the lead role. After years of professional work, she has learned to be grateful for the small roles, which can always be big in some eyes.

The theatre performances led to a desire for film and television. Shannon is grateful to all the teachers and coaches who helped her understand and make the change from stage performance to TV/Film when needed. Her addiction to film is the opportunity to do the scene over and over again. She is amazed at the art of film and television, and the challenges this type of art can create.

Speaking of challenges, Miss Moore enjoys new experiences. She likes performing “off the cuff” and without any scripts. Speaking to various people is always exciting for Shannon, which leads to her desire of hosting TV. Hosting is a natural for Shannon and she likes the idea of just being Shannon. She’s pretty good at that.

Not only does she like experiences with her career, but she loves traveling to various countries, such as Spain, Morocco, Australia and Vietnam, to name a few. Encountering the different cultures and capturing the differences of life styles is intriguing to her. Along with the culture comes the food, which Shannon enjoys tasting. She is all about putting this spice or ingredient into that food and who knows what it will taste like. It may not be the best entrée, but it all goes to the same place, your belly, right?

Her adventurous mindset has led to skydiving over the Atlantic Ocean, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, and paragliding off the Teton Mountains. Shannon is amazed at this world, its beauty and the many opportunities it can provide. She has a positive outlook, likes to make people smile, and enjoys laughing even if it means laughing at her. As she holds her faith, she is eager to see where this journey of life and career take her next.